Smart Class

Smart Class (स्मार्ट कक्षा)

Self learning
Our school was organizing Smart Classes Teaching it enhances students technological skills and personality development, it enables students to communicate, it improve student independence, it is appealing to students of different learning styles, it increases participation, it is interactive and relevant.  Teachers use Projector to show their presentation, play education CD. Show You-tube Video or other information relative to their content

lab Activity
I will convert my subjects Micro and Macro (NCERT-Book in Hindi Medium) Economics for XI and XII into digital presentation. I will make quiz presentation and e-learning content for each chapter of book. This activity was for those students who do not have internet connectivity at home. This e-lesson was created using open source free tool. This e-course material has animations, images, panorama views, online articles, audio, inter-activities  quizzes, close activities, multiple choice question for self assessing, assignments, and summaries through mind maps. This e-course material has helped me in delivering the most time consuming chapter in one go.

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