Project & Assingements

New Project for Economics Students

Growth and Determination of Foreign Investment in India

Contribution of IT Sector in Indian Economy

Growth in Indian Banking Sector

Macroeconomic Policy and Analysis

MNREGA: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

The State of the Indian Economy

Global Economic Crises


New Project for class XI level
Dated 25 Sep. 2014

1. Indian Mass Mission
2. Indian population crises
3. Environment and pollution
4. Global warming
5. Inflation and its effects

New Project
Food- The Fuel for us

New Assignment

dated-1 Aug 2015
1. Calculate the National Income and Gold Rate
2. Online survey to find the economics book writer,

First Assignment

  •  On line web Survey of National Income of India and Other Develop countries.
  •  Make Data sheet on Exile and Bar Diagram.
  •  Write Survey Report on Word file.

Second Assignment 

  • Make Graph on Excel and Graph paper. 

Third Assignment

  •  Calculated Indian Population state wise.
  •  Make Data sheet on Exile and use Bar or Pie Diagram.
  •  Write Merit or Demerit of increasing population in Home-work copy.

Forth  Assignment

 Web resource activity - to found out latest data on

  • Share Market in India
  • Gold and Silver rate International
  • Inflation rate in India
  • Economic Budge 2014
  • Economics Policies of Indian Government.
  • Working principal of IMF

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